Great American Road Trip: Day 6 – Preview

Day 6 was a VERY long day - 13 hours and roughly 650 miles - so you get another preview until we are a bit more awake. Today we drove from Stillwater, MN back down I-35 to I-90, all the way out to Rapid City, SD and then down to Hill City SD, which is right next to Mount Rushmore. It was a beautiful drive and we're still talking, so it must have been a great travel day. Mitchell Corn Palace Porter Sculpture Park Dinosaur in Tow Wall Drug South Dakota Sunset

2 thoughts on “Great American Road Trip: Day 6 – Preview

    • We did – and were massively underwhelmed. The schlock-shop was ok, but the rest of the place was just typically tourist ghetto. Also, they were closing at something like 7 pm.

      The signs for the preceding 300 or so miles were great fun to read, though.

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