That’s me! Laura Sargent – the Sargent half of Sargent/Marlow.

I am a native Californian who spent the first 18.5 years of her life in Torrance. You can take the girl out of California but apparently not the California out of the girl, as evidenced by my inclination to wear flip flops at times when most other people are sure my toes are going to fall off from exposure and my deep love for GOOD mexican food and In ‘N Out.

After leaving the homeland I spent a year in Minnesota before moving to Boston where I spent the next 11 years with interludes in London and D.C.

I like: trying new recipes, exploring Seattle with Marlow, spending time with good friends over good food and good drink, Bourbon, singing in church choirs, being a political junkie, the Pacific, Houdini (the cat…don’t have an opinion on the magician), dark chocolate, good writing, and listening to music constantly.

I don’t like: brussel sprouts (I promise I’ve tried to like them. a. lot.), parsley, haters, getting up early, the fact that teleportation or apparating isn’t a thing yet, and people who are bad at sharing the sidewalk.

The jury is still out on: running (I do it but only like it about 55% of the time), parsnips, some olives, the oxford comma, coconuts (although they are working their way toward the like column), and dreary weather.