A few weeks ago we were gifted with a large box of peaches. (Thank you Betsy!) It looked this (but full):

It was pounds and pounds and pounds of peaches. So we got cooking.

First up is my mom’s cobbler recipe. This

 became this:

 and, finally, this:


Next up were two kinds of peach butter and Peach Shrub. One minute our stove top looked like this:

and soon this happened:

The front right corner is simple Peach Butter from smitten kitchen. The back dutch oven is Maple Bourbon Peach Butter from local kitchen. If you haven’t checked out those two food blogs you should. Probably now. I’ll wait.

Back? Ok. Now you may be wondering what the front left pot is…right? That my friends is Peach Shrub. Shrub is a magical elixir introduced to us by the talented cocktail mixer Rawson. A mix of water, fruit, sugar and vinegar it is perfect in a cocktail of shrub, ginger ale and rum. It has awesome fruit flavor but also a little bite from the vinegar. An ounce and a half of shrub are also delightfully refreshing in some soda water.

Completed Shrub batch one. (A tip for the wise. This makes a lousy floor cleaner so spilling an almost full container on the floor is not advised. Luckily there were enough peaches to make a second batch.)

But wait, there is more! Like this:

Peaches getting happy in some bourbon. Sargent/Marlow Spiced Peach Bourbon should be ready any day now.

And this:

Peach Sorbet.

We even had a few left to eat.

and these to enjoy later:

Look out apples. You are next!

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