Great American Road Trip: Day 2

Day Two is done! (well, technically, it’s Day 3, but I’m going to backdate this sucker and you’ll never know the difference)

Today’s route took us along I-90 through the rest of New York, a bit of Pennsylvania, ALL of Ohio and part of Indiana. It’s been a LONG day and we went about 570 miles, mostly at 65-68mph as that’s about all the VLYT will do.

Observations from the road:

  • The last 10 miles of a long day are the absolute WORST – and take roughly 32 hours to complete, which is saying something given that we only spent about 11 hours on the road.
  • We always order the same damn thing at Applebees (Cheese quesadilla for Sargent,  chicken strips for Marlow, big beers for both).
  • Sam Octoberfest tastes REALLY good in the middle of nowhere.
  • Elkhart, Indiana is definitely close to the middle of nowhere – even if it is 110 miles or so from Chicago.
  • The Emergency Meow from Lynn Wolf never gets old, especially when you leave it at the bottom of the pile of stuff in the dashboard cubbyhole and random bumps set it off.
  • I-90 is a toll road from Boston clear past Chicago. BOO, HISS!!!
  • Diesel prices vary WIDELY depending on where you stop. We saw a $0.20 per gallon swing between 2 exits (and when you buy Diesel 30 gallons at a time it matters).
  • We still like each other 🙂

Some more pictures:

One thought on “Great American Road Trip: Day 2

  1. Things I know from road trips-
    There are only so many times I’m willing to listen to BBC’s audio production of Lord of the Rings.

    By the 9th hour, I start singing all the stupid commercial jingles I know.
    I DO know more stupid commercial jingles than anyone else in the car.

    By the 10th hour, I start using my face as a musical instrument.

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